Colonial Williamsburg Ghost Tour Blog

Sleep With Ghosts of Williamsburg

Virginia is for lovers, and it is a great place to vacation. But wouldn’t you like to sleep around the ghosts of Williamsburg? Unless you are taking a day trip, most vacationers need a place to stay... Read More

Stories from the Raleigh Tavern

RALEIGH TAVERN – WILLIAMSBURG, VIRGINIABy their very nature, ghost stories are always about death. It can’t be helped. Without a death, there is no ghost. However, that doesn’t mean that eve... Read More

Why is Williamsburg Haunted?

Why are ghost tours so popular in Williamsburg, Virginia? Why is Williamsburg so special, and, so haunted?Video: Colonial Williamsburg 1936[youtube id="KpoMEzdF7gY"]Williamsburg is close t... Read More

No Picnicking Allowed in the Haunted Cemetery!

No Picnicking Allowed in the Haunted Cemetery!Many of us think about spirits 365 days a year, but there are those who only think of them when pumpkins and Halloween decorations appear in the s... Read More

The Forgotten Graves of Williamsburg

WILLIAMSBURG BURIAL GROUNDS IN VIRGINIAThere are burial grounds scattered all over Williamsburg and on the campus of William and Mary. We’ve always known they buried bodies quickly at the hospi... Read More

The Thomas Moore House

Thomas Moore was not content with small-­town life. He had a passion for beautiful ladies that manifested itself in a “friendship” with a married woman named Constance Hall. Night after night, Co... Read More