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Colonial Ghosts, a Williamsburg ghost tour, is ranked as one of the Top 10 Ghost Tours in America by US City Traveler in 2014 and the Best Tour Operator Award in Williamsburg in 2015! Discover the ghosts of Williamsburg during our 9PM or 8PM ghost tours great for all ages, or on our late night 11PM Ultimate ghost tours for adults. Your journey will include Indian burial grounds, witches, stories of murder, tragedies of war, and bitter betrayal across hundreds of years. If you want to experience a ghost tour that you’ll never forget, join us on our nightly walk through haunted Williamsburg, VA with our licensed tour guides! Our Williamsburg ghost tour stories are based on research, eyewitness haunting interviews, and a ghost story book connected to factual and historic events.

We’re not theatrical, because our tour is based on fact. Put the costume and lantern away. What we’re going to show you is real, and what you’ll hear is true. Many guests on our tour have experienced activity. We invite you to join them.

Aided by renowned psychics and investigators, Colonial Ghosts conducts our own interviews and research to enrich the stories you will hear on your ghost tour through Colonial Williamsburg and William and Mary. Stories span from the Colonial era through the Civil War, and to the present. We’ve even captured hauntings on video. We are Williamsburg’s most engaging and informative ghost tour, featuring up to 18 ghost stories on location—more than any other tour—covering new locations every year and stories not heard elsewhere.  You can also download our interactive app for more ghost stories. Our tour guides are licensed and registered with the City of Williamsburg. Read our Trip Advisor reviews.

It’s our goal to ensure you have fun and are entertained by the intriguing tales of haunted Williamsburg. Many of our guests witness strange phenomena on our tours, and we’re not talking just about “orbs” in photos. We include several locations at William and Mary and the Colonial Williamsburg area. Please let us know how we can serve you and earn your company for the evening.

Join us on a memorable ghost tour through the streets Williamsburg!

Our Williamsburg Ghost Tours

Colonial Ghosts Williamsburg Ghost Tour
  • Williamsburg Ghost Tours & Extended Tours: 8PM & 9PM Nightly

    Visit 12 locations on this scary & fun one hour ghost tour through historically haunted areas of Williamsburg.  DISCOVER Colonial Williamsburg’s chilling history in its gardens, graveyards and down a narrow, winding path in the woods — “Literally the most hair-raising stop on our Williamsburg ghost tour.” Looking for more?  Add another 45 minutes at the end of your tour with an Extended ghost tour to six historic locations on the College of William and Mary Campus. Simply select the “Extended” option at checkout.

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  • Ultimate Williamsburg Ghost Tour: 11PM

    EXCLUSIVE! A NEW LATE NIGHT GHOST TOUR IN WILLIAMSBURG covers EVERYTHING! The Ultimate ghost tour will guide you through the deserted streets of Colonial Williamsburg and College of William and Mary, with stops at 13 locations over 90 minutes, covering NEW STORIES not on our other ghost tours. Make sure to purchase the extended tour for a two hours of haunted locations.
    This tour is not recommended for children under 12. Currently offered Tuesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays.

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  • Mobile App Ghost Tour

    Want to take a virtual ghost tour in one of 20 cities across the US? Don’t want to take a tour on someone else’s schedule? Download the interactive GPS guided ghost tour of Williamsburg exclusively on iTourMobile.com. Experience 25 locations with 55 minutes of audio that takes you through the streets of Williamsburg. Click below to download for $7.99.

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  • My friends and I went last night, and we thought it was awesome! Our tour guide was Kris, and he was very friendly, knowledgeable and ready to answer any of your questions. I had no idea that most of the sites even existed, and I had never heard any of the stories before.

  • Booked the 8pm tour and added the extended tour. Let’s say we were not disappointed at all. Our guide Chris did an awesome job presenting the stories of ghosts with historical information and eyewitness accounts. We had a great time! I recommend you add the extended tour for a few dollars more.

  • We booked the Ultimate Ghost Tour (9/9/14 @ 11pm) with the hopes of getting a better tour (one not toned down to be kid-friendly). Our guides were amazing! My only regret is that we didn’t have the time to book the other tour they offer for the week we were there. This is a must-do and will blow the other ghost tours out of the water!

  • This was the most interesting part of the trip. The kids loved it also. We all learned so much about the area. The tour was well worth the price.

  • We had great fun on the tour. Our guide Lance was really interesting and funny. My two sons (12 and 9) had EMF detectors that went off a couple of times. We really liked the stories on this tour, and I would book the extended version of this tour if we return to the area. It is lots of fun for a family evening out.

  • Our guides were very professional, knowledgeable and interactive with the tour, and we would highly recommend them anytime. During the tour we even felt a paranormal presence at least twice, which made it even more amazing. Definitely a ‘must’ for those eager or curious about the supernatural in colonial Williamsburg.

  • The tour itself was filled with research, information from interviews, facts, quotes and history of the area itself. It was so much more than we expected.

  • The tour itself was filled with research, information from interviews, facts, quotes and history of the area itself. It was so much more than we expected.

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