for History & Marketing Students

We believe education is one of the most valuable pursuits a person can dedicate themselves to.

In the world of accredited education, we believe the discipline that best combines these two elements, human psychology and communication, is marketing. We live in a free market society, and in such a society, markets are what drive the practical study of human psychology and communication most effectively. Why? Because markets, groups of people united by common desires or frustrations, are groups of people that cast their votes with their money. Not with surveys. Not with personality tests. Not with focus groups. Not even with a political ballot or clinical therapy.

That old phrase, “put your money where your mouth is”, is powerful for a reason. It’s because money represents a unit of our life that we can’t get back. Time. Sweat. Blood. Tears. Hard work. That’s what money is really a symbol for. Our toil. And we don’t lie when we’re voting with our money.

All that said, we believe in a free market society, the study of marketing is critical to the development of not only ethical, productive businesses, but society at large. To promote marketing education, every year Colonial Ghosts gives one young marketing student a $1000.00 scholarship to support his or her studies.

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Eligibility Requirements

Any student currently enrolled in an accredited college with a declared major in Marketing.

Veteran Preference

Are you an honorably discharged veteran? Send a copy of your DD-214 with your application and include mention of it in your essay.

Deadline to Apply

As an annual scholarship, all interested applicants must submit applications by December 15th of each calendar year.

How to Apply

All eligible and interested applicants should apply using the embedded form below.


We will evaluate all applications after the deadline to apply (December 15, 2016) and notify the scholarship winner by e-mail by January 30.

1,000 Word Essay

Please include an essay (1,000 word minimum) explaining your education goals and plans after graduating college. Explain why you deserve to win and what the scholarship means to you.

Scholarship Form

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