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For Those Who Are Ready For Real Life Hauntings

If you’re curious to walk the haunted streets of Williamsburg, Virginia for yourself, then here is why you must book your Ghost Tour with Colonial Ghosts today.

There are places in the world where human consciousness has left an unmistakable mark, even long after it has passed. The common words, like “haunting”, or “ghosts”, hint at what happened.

Here in Williamsburg, Virginia, the Civil War, the clash between the Colonists and the American Natives, dark rituals of the witches and the people who hunted them, the epidemic illnesses that swept the Americas, the betrayal of lovers, and other intriguing tales of human suffering and woe have set the stage for 300 years of haunted history.

Researchers at Princeton have given us clues as to why. Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research (“PEAR” for short) is a “scientific study of consciousness related phenomena”. After nearly 30 years of experimentation, these researchers have demonstrated, beyond a shadow of a doubt, and beyond chance, that human consciousness has the potential to have a direct and dramatic effect on the material world - through no known physical medium.

In other words, our consciousness can change the cosmos.

To what ultimate degree remains to be measured scientifically, but we do know that human emotion and intention are important pieces of the puzzle.

The question of haunting has always been a question of human emotion and intention. Especially meaning. When a soul is wronged, or tortured, or betrayed, or even hopeful, it seems it can leave a lasting mark on the world behind it.

If you believe you’re ready to see and hear these marks for yourself, to feel the presence of the dearly departed, then join us for a walking Ghost Tour through Williamsburg.

Here are the details:

  • Time and Date: 8 PM and 9 PM nightly, please check booking calendar for availability
  • Regular Tour: 8 PM and 9 PM Ghost Tours: 60 minutes, 1 mile
    Prices: From $13 (child)
  • Extended Tour: 90 to 120 minutes, 1.5 miles. Available on both 8PM and 9PM tours. The extended tour begins when the regular tour ends, and adds an exclusive ghost tour of William and Mary and an additional six locations

    Prices may vary by demand and season.
  • Meeting Location: In front of the Kimball Theater in Colonial Williamsburg's Merchants Square, on Duke of Gloucester Street.
  • The tour is handicap accessible. The terrain is flat. There are some areas where we will walk on grass and gravel, but most of the walking is done on a paved road.
  • You do NOT need to print out tickets. Just bring an ID and show up!
  • If you must purchase in cash or in person, you may buy physical tickets at Kilwins, located nearby at 421 Prince George Street. You can also try one of their delicious treats! Click here for a map. You must hand these tickets to your tour guide for admission. If you order online, you do not need tickets.

What You Will Experience On Your Ghost Tour

Our guests regularly witness events they can’t explain. The creepier truth is after learning the stories our guides share, many of our guests realize they’ve witnessed events they can explain - in bone-chilling detail.

We can’t promise you any particular event at any certain location. But we can promise to share with you the stories of the ghosts of every location along your tour. These stories have been discovered, researched and verified by Colonial Ghosts experts. And these stories will make sense of the hallowed ground you walk.

The ghosts may not stay with you, but the stories will for a lifetime.

Walk with us, and discover the stories of the dearly departed of Williamsburg, Virginia.

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Tour Details

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Location: All Ghost Tours meet in front of the Kimball Theater at 424 W Duke of Gloucester St (Google Map) in Colonial Williamsburg’s Merchant’s Square. We are not associated with Kimball Theater.

When: Please Verify the times of the tour you are taking in the section above this. Please arrive ten minutes early and give yourself plenty of time to park and arrive on time. Tours are held rain or shine!

Admission: Admission for the Colonial Ghost Tour must be purchased in advance, either here online, or in cash at Kilwins in Merchant’s Square, on Prince George Street. We recommend making your reservation online here, but you can purchase tickets until 6PM at Kilwins. You do NOT need to print tickets purchased online. Once your order is made online, you’ll be added to the list! You must attend the tour for the date and time of your purchase. Rescheduling may be done upon approval and may be subject to a rescheduling fee.

Parking: There are several parking lots and parallel parking spots along nearby streets in the area around Kimball Theater. In the event you cannot find parking, you may use the Prince George Parking Garage for $1/hr. Please check your tour time and meeting location in advance so that you may arrive on time. We recommend arriving early to find parking and to ensure that you are not late.

The Colonial Colonial Ghost Tour was Awarded the Best of Williamsburg 2015 in Sightseeing Tour Agency Category, our Williamsburg VA Ghost Tour is recognized in the top 10 Most Bone Chilling Haunted Tours in the US, 2014, and great reviews on Trip Advisor.


  • Who was “Mrs. Ware”, and why do the two ghosts in civil war uniforms, often seen around the Kimball Theater, haunt the site of her old house?
  • The tragic story of a wounded Confederate soldier that Mrs. Ware tried desperately to save… and what happened when she couldn’t!
  • The surprising reasons the Civil War is responsible for so much haunting in Williamsburg. These have nothing to do with the casualties of the war… but rather, the more subtle ways that the world behind the battlefronts was changed dramatically!
  • How a handsome young womanizer finally fell in love… only to be murdered by an unexpected guest, and become one of the most spotted ghosts in Williamsburg!
  • Who is Thomas Moore, and why did a local bookstore manager call the police when she saw him… even though he died over 150 years ago! (Hint: locked doors were involved.)
  • What the ghost of Thomas Moore did to the jewelry store owner near the book store!
  • Why the ghost of Rev. Scervant Jones’s wife plays the organ in the old Bruton Parish, and has been heard wailing in agony over his broken oath (Hint: the Reverend moved his wife’s tombstone to make room for another woman’s grave next to his, after she died!)
  • Why some ghosts spotted in Williamsburg have elongated necks and red eyes… and what to expect if you see one!
  • Who spotted a ghost throwing hymnals from the church pews against the church wall, and why they reported it!
  • The disturbing reason the number of surgeons in the Union Army swelled from 98, at the beginning of the Civil War, to over 12,000 by the end of it… and what this has to do with a manman nicknamed the “Head Devil” (Hint: The “Head Devil” was rumored to be the Joseph Mengele of his time… and took advantage of the massive casualties of the war to carry out sick and sadistic experiments on his patients!)
  • If you see a ghost near the Greek Revival Baptist Church, that ghost will likely be digging in the ground nearby, looking for something important. Your skin will crawl when you learn what these ghosts are digging for!
  • The haunting reason surgeons would refuse to treat you if you were shot in these two locations, with the bone shattering “mini ball” ammo of the civil war!
  • Why the Peyton Randolph house appeared on USA Today as one of the most haunted buildings in America!
  • Why so many visitors of the Peyton Randolph house have felt ghoulish hands on their backs as they walk down the stairs, as if they are being shoved to their doom!
  • What a young boy climbing a peach tree near the Peyton Randolph house and a young girl who stayed there have in common… as apparitions in 2017!
  • How a college student, living in the Peyton Randolph house in the 1960s, was violently attacked in his sleep in his dorm room… while he was completely alone! (Hint: it involves a ghost.)
  • Why a security guard working at the Peyton Randolph house had to radio his Lieutenant for help! (Hint: There was nobody there, but he found he couldn’t move a muscle, no matter how hard he tried!) All security guards working at this location are briefed about this particular ghost, just in case!
  • Why all security guards working at the Peyton Randolph house take extra measures to ensure they have keys to all doors at all times! (Hint: This haunting involved the screaming and crying of children heard late into the night, and a fire extinguisher found alone in the middle of a halfway, all of its contexts expelled onto the floor, without a single footprint to explain how it happened!)
  • The shameful mistake made by excavators developing the Peyton Randolph house, involving sacred Native American burial grounds, that nobody should have missed!
  • The intriguing origin of the phrase “bite the bullet”... and what it has to do with the haunting of the Governor's Palace.
  • How a young couple jumped the wall to the garden in the Governor’s Palace, presumably for a romantic stroll… only to discover an insane and terrible fate!
  • The identity of the ghost who most likely hauts the Wythe house (the home of George Wythe, who was the first law professor in the United States, the first signer of the Declaration of Independence, friend of George Washington and mentor to Thomas Jefferson)… shockingly, it’s not George Wythe, even though he was gruesomely murdered by his grand-nephew in 1805!
  • The true story of Lady Ann Skipwith, and why she is reported to be the most spotted ghost in Williamsburg! Not one in a thousand ghost hunters gets this story right, but we have verified the facts for you, and Colonial Ghosts reveals all!
  • How Williamsburg natives use a red shoe and a secret chant to summon the ghost of Lady Ann Skipwith! (If you’re brave enough, we’ll teach you the secret. But do NOT request this if you’re not ready to hear a response!. This is not a joke.)

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