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Governor's Palace Haunting Pt 1: Interview Series

Videos of some of the haunted locations and captured hauntings on our tour!

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Charles, a former security guard at Colonial Williamsburg, shares his encounter with a mysterious ghost in the hedge maze behind the Governor's Palace at Colonial Williamsburg in this clip from the Colonial Ghosts Interview Series. Read more at Visit us and book a Williamsburg ghost tour at See more at ! © Colonial Ghosts 2015


The following is a written transcript of the video interview covering hauntings at the Governor’s Palace in Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia, a location on the ghost tour.

Now the Governor’s Palace grounds, we have chased shadow figures many a night on that ground. We have seen shadows from behind a tree leaning, and you could see from the waste up individuals looking at you.

We had been there one night; we actually called some individuals we knew who were ghost hunting. I’m glad they were there to confirm what we saw. Walking them out we look up and see an individual appear behind a tree. Needless to say it caught us off-guard. It kept going back and forth, behind the tree and reappearing and then we realized it was a shadow, just something didn’t seem right about it.

At different times my buddy who we were with in security, he went up to the area. He’s looking over here and going there’s nothing up here and I’m going he’s looking right at you. He came back down, I went up there. Same thing – I goes there’s nothing up here. He goes you cannot see anything, but what’s appearing behind the tree is looking at you as we speak.

Anyways the shadow figures on that one, on the palace grounds. I’ve worked with the guys and missed the one the one night where he has seen a couple shadow figures and the one that seems to be consistent with a lot of officers and other individuals seen at night is a shadow with red eyes. That one would be a little, probably, not too fun to see.

We would always try to catch the students jumping the wall. A couple areas we set up at the upper end of the canal. We could always wait for individuals walking out and if we hear them and catch them, we’d walk them out. Well the one buddy of mine was with, also the one affiliated with Mr. Scratch, we always check the palace grounds together when we worked.

I’m sitting one night on the upper end and he’s back at the maze checking the area to see if anybody’s back there running through the maze like they like to do. While I’m waiting for him to come back on the oyster shells I hear a set of footsteps start gradually progressing to my location. Well, first I’m thinking it’s a couple, it could be an animal. Then as it gets closer, I’m like, no, that sounds like actual people walking.

I would say they probably got within about twenty feet and then I’m going okay, I’m going to hit them with the flashlight, stop them, walk them out – no big deal. Except when I turn the flashlight on there was nobody standing there. I’m going okay, I don’t know what I’m hearing. At that time I thought it was an animal, jumped off the path.

Cut the flashlight off, went sat back down where I was at on the one bench waiting. Then I started hearing the footsteps again. They start coming closer and closer. Went okay this is not your normal thing to happen here at night time. So they probably got within approximately six to seven feet, hit the flashlight again and there was nobody there. There was nothing. The only thing I was looking at was an empty path. Nobody around. The moon was out enough there that if somebody had been walking, you would have seen them. They just stopped.

Me being me I said okay, I don’t know who you are, but I hope you’re having a good evening. If you’re here having fun, having a good evening, be safe. Just be careful. About that time, you could hear them turn and start walking back in the other direction, heading back down the path, which would be heading back towards Lafayette Street. About ten minutes later there my buddy comes up and he says did you happen to see anybody walk on the path? I said no and said why. He goes I heard people walking and I said well, that’s odd because so did I. They came up to my area. I told him what I experienced. He goes that confirms what happened to me. He goes I’m standing on the hill. It was dark enough where he was hidden when anybody was walking down below, they would not see him, but the moon was bright enough that it illuminated the path and if someone was walking you would see them.

He goes I heard the footsteps. He said it got closer and closer, and as they passed by me I realized I’m hearing two sets of footsteps but could not see the individuals attached to them. They gradually just went on their way down the path.

We both experienced the same thing and kind of were able to confirm what had happened. The only time it ever happened on the shells, that we could actually here somebody on the oyster shells walking. Never had it happen since that time. That was actually pretty cool. The only thing is I say if they answered me when I said have a good night, I would probably still be running in the other direction.

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