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Bruton Parish Church Haunting Pt 1: Interview Series

Videos of some of the haunted locations and captured hauntings on our tour!

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Charles, a former security guard at Colonial Williamsburg, recounts his sighting of an apparition at the Bruton Parish Church in Colonial Williamsburg in this clip from the Colonial Ghosts Interview Series. Visit us and book a Williamsburg ghost tour at! See more at! © Colonial Ghosts 2015


Now the one that I, probably the freakiest thing I ever had happen and from what I understand from one of the girls I know that used to work there, her only question to me before I tell you what it was, is that the individual that I saw, did it have an elongated neck and red eyes or normal neck. My answer to her was normal neck.

What it was that I saw, the only way to describe it was a full body apparition. The Getty House that’s located on Dog Street back in the back courtyard area, I could stand there and sometimes watch individuals coming down Dog Street through Bruton Parish Church. Lot of times we’d watch college students come down. That was the way they went to go down to jump the palace wall. They come down Dog Street, take a left at the church, follow the path all the way down the sidewalk. Well, where I was standing, I could tell you somebody walked around the corner and because the lighting on the street, there were some lights in the tree that illuminated that corer pretty nice, I could tell you they were male or female; I could tell you the person was white or black; I could tell you what they were wearing and the color, there was enough light on them.

Well, this particular night I saw two guys come down there with a girl. The girl looked to be Hispanic, there was one white guy and one black guy. So okay, they’re probably going down to jump the wall. Watched them go down a little ways to near the end, could see down near the end of the palace there was a bench there and a street light. They sat down talking. So I was waiting on them, I look and something caught out the corner of the eye. I see coming down Dog Street, the only way to put it was a, color wise was construction paper black, like as a kid if you ever cut out silhouettes, it was that type of , like I said, call construction paper black. Saw males about five foot ten with the pony tail, you could tell dressed in colonial attire. I could see the knickers, I could see the socks. I could tell he had a shirt on and a vest. Came around a corner and started walking down the sidewalk. Didn’t really hit me at first that what I was looking at. As it got down near the church, the one entrance, there’s a tree that blocks an area where sometimes people like to climb the tree and jump over into the cemetery. There’s a light on that particular tree and it got to that point and nothing materialized on the other side. So it took me a second to go I have no idea what I just saw, but it’s kinda freaky. I said I thought, okay, somebody was being sarcastic, somebody wearing all black want to go down there and jump the cemetery wall and Bruton Parish Church.

So the curiosity got the best of me. I cross over the palace green, go to that side entrance; it’s still locked. Look up in the tree, there’s nobody there. Flash my flashlight in the area; nobody there. Why I looked at my watch at that time, I don’t know, but it was 2:15 in the morning. I unlocked the gate; I go walking in. Half way in the cemetery it gets me: okay, you just saw something that was a male, colonial attire, construction paper black silhouette walking down the street, disappear probably into the cemetery and you’re out here in the middle of the night with a flashlight looking for him. At that point I’m going, it’s too late to turn back now. I finished checking the cemetery; nothing was in there. Exit the area, locked it up.

A couple days later I saw a friend of mine, she has had her own experiences at the historic area, and I told her what I experienced. That’s when she asked me did it have an elongated neck with red eyes or normal neck. I said no, it was a normal individual. What I didn’t know was she told me what I experienced, apparently was the rarer of the two apparitions. She said numerous people had reported seeing the one with the, looked like an individual, may have been hung, which would give the elongated neck and drooped over with red eyes. She said again what you saw was the rarer of the two and not too many people have seen. Happened one time and one time only. I’ve been back there numerous nights, even when I was working there, even not working there. Tried to experience it again, hoping I would, but never have. I’ve even taken my wife down there; I’ve even taken Chris over there and even with people with the colonial ghosts, show there where I was at, even at night time, and they said yes you can clearly make out standing here and saw people walking past that area. You’re right, you can determine if it was male or female, you can determine what color they were, what they were wearing because of the lights. But to have that happen was probably the weirdest thing, the coolest thing and for some reason it was not even scary when that happened. Again it was when I found myself in the middle of the cemetery and it hits everything that I saw, I’m going might not have been the best thing to do all by myself. I wish I could see it again because that was just the coolest thing I’ve ever had happen. The individuals I work with were mad at me for not calling them up there and they paid me the comment, said we know you’re not lying what you saw, said just wished we could have been thereto experience it with you. Again, I would love to have that happen again because that was just the coolest thing.

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