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A vertical stone marker with Grace Sherwood information

Grace Sherwood, the Witch of Pungo

Grace Sherwood, the Witch of Pungo  Grace Sherwood was the last convicted witch in Virginia, and the only one who was convicted using the method known as “ducking.” She was said to have ... Read More

A house sits in a foggy forest

The Insane Stories from the Old House Woods

The Insane Stories from the Old House Woods, Mathews, VA  In Mathews County of Virginia, off the coast of Gloucester, is the small, unassuming town of Diggs. It’s a cozy little place, surr... Read More

A night picture showing a bright light in the distance

The Mysterious Cohoke Light in West Point, VA

The Mysterious Cohoke Light of West Point, VA  Situated in King William County between West Point and Danville is what used to be the Southern Railroad line. Off of Mt. Olive Cohoke Road is ... Read More

The Lost Souls of The Bermuda Triangle

The Bermuda Triangle: A Legend Unsolved    The Bermuda Triangle remains one of our ocean’s most infamous and unsolved mysteries. Throughout the centuries researchers have attempted t... Read More

The Mystery of The Jenny and Kaz II

The Mystery of The Jenny and Kaz II    Below are two tales of sailing gone wrong – tragic stories of lives ended, one suddenly, another over the course of months. Ghost ships of days... Read More

The Demise of The S.S. Ourang Medan

  The S.S. Ourang Medan - A Ghostly Mystery     Nothing satisfies our spooky cravings like the tragic tale of a shipwreck, pieces of stories and rumors float... Read More

image shows an ocean horizon

Spirits and Ghosts of the High Seas

Spirits and Ghosts of the High SeasDive Into Ghost Infested Waters...  The oceans are a mysterious and merciless wasteland, filled with ghosts and spirits of ships of the past - the easi... Read More

The Colonial Parkway Murders: A Step By Step Report.

 What were the Colonial Parkway Murders? Why are they still a hot button topic? When did it happen, and who’s the culprit? What exactly happened in Virginia between 1986-1989.  A map of... Read More

The Wren Building

The Wren Building

Time brings many stories. The Wren Building, the oldest college building still standing in the United States, is testament to that sentiment. With a history dating back to August 8, 1695, the building... Read More

Edward Teach also known as the famous Pirate - Blackbeard

Hangman’s Path Investigation

On November 2nd, 2016, several Colonial Ghosts tour guides along with members of Virginia Paranormal Investigations(VAPI) embarked on an investigation to follow in the footsteps of Williamsburg’s co... Read More