Virginia is for Lovers – of Ghosts

Posted on August 15, 2017


Some people travel to see the sights, collect antiques, or eat special food. Other people travel for the chance to spot a ghost or two. And Virginia has them all covered—even the ghost hunters. Williamsburg is not the only haunted city the state offers. Here are five others who also offer ghost tours. See why Virginia is for lovers. Ghost lovers.


This quaint town is chock full  of ghost stories, starting with the Ubon Thia Victorian Inn. The place is said to be haunted by a woman who has resided there since the 1800s. She has been known to cause the inn’s hot water supply to bypass the room of a guest that she doesn’t like. Another B & B in Staunton has a ghostly reputation “Thornrose House.” Its room called “Caroline’s Room” is the place for ghostly apparitions. Staunton offers ghost tours here.


One of the many places listed in Virginia’s capitol of Richmond as being haunted is the Edgar Allan Poe Museum, which was built around 1754 as a private home. At least three ghosts are believed to reside or at least visit here, including two blonde children, thought to belong to the house’s original owners, and a shadowy figure thought to be Poe himself. Richmond has ghost tours with RVA Ghosts here.


This historic town is full of ghost sightings and stories. One of them involves a 200-year legend claiming that two hundred years ago, a man brought a young woman to stay with him at Gadsby’s Tavern. She died while staying there and the man left enough money for medical bills and burial and then disappeared. People have reported seeing a candle in the upstairs room where the woman died. Others have reported hearing footsteps and a woman’s cry. DC Ghosts holds ghost tours at


Many legends and ghost stories abound in this historic townA lady in white is often seen haunting a historic 1730s church, where George Washington himself worshipped. A Sioux princess is often viewed at the foot of the bed at Fall Hill Estate. She has also been seen walking through the wall. Check out Fredericksburg’s tours here.

Virginia Beach

Catch some sun and waves during the day, then later take a ghost tour. Reports exist of an ex-fireman haunting a local fire station and setting off alarms and so on. It’s also said that a ghost-bride haunts the halls of the Princess Anne Country Club. Another ghost is said to be more dark and a masculine entity wearing a cape.

This sampling of historic and haunted places in Virginia is just a small portion of ghostly happenings in the state. Stay tuned for more.