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Do you have what it takes to guide tours through the real haunted Williamsburg?

If you’ve got what it takes to guide tours through the real haunted Williamsburg, then we’ve got a great opportunity ready for you with Colonial Ghosts.

Here’s are the details.

We’re looking for responsible men and women with a love of good storytelling to be our Guides. We take our name and our reputation seriously, so to represent Colonial Ghosts, there are some test you’ll have to pass.. That said, if you’ve got what it takes, Colonial Ghosts takes care of its own.


Here’s what we need from you

1. A love of good storytelling.

Do you get lost in a good story? Have you ever taken a drama class (or wanted to)? The hauntings of Williamsburg revolve around the stories of the men and women who died here. We are looking for guides who believe there are no boring stories, only bored people. And, we are looking for those special type of people who have that special gift of vision, that allows them to see adventure where others see inconvenience, for whom even the bores of the world are hardly boring.

If you’re the type who can see a letter isn’t just cardstock and ink, but every letter is a trumpet sounding the ringing victory of the tower of Babel reaching to the heavens, then you’re on the right track.

If you are fascinated by the stories of the ghoulish hereafter, of Colonial Warriors seeking refuge, only to happen upon a mad doctor obsessed with mayhem… of lovers sneaking onto the governor’s private property for a daring and romantic stroll, only to find a daring and repulsive tragedy… of the truth about Lady Ann Skipwith that not one in a thousand ghost hunters truly understands… and you would like to earn your keep by leading groups of perfect strangers through the vivid details of these stories, spanning 300 years of haunting history, then we’ve got a job for you.

2. Friendliness.

You don’t need to be the very picture of charisma. But we do expect a level of friendliness and a welcoming attitude, so that our guests are comfortable enough to let go and really get into the experience. Many of our guests are tourists, and not all of them will be from the United States. We need you to be able to initiate pleasant conversations and take friendly command. It is your group, and you are their guide.

As a Colonial Ghosts guide, you will be responsible for the safety and experience of your group. We expect you to be able to make them feel welcome and at home regardless of how old they are, whether they are male or female, no matter their religion, race or creed.

We’re not asking you to charm the stripes off a Zebra. Just that you are hospitable to everyone and can follow the Golden Rule.

3. Tact.

As a Guide, you will be telling people what to do. Often. And you will be responsible for their travels through public places. Your ability to use tact when addressing your group, to give them clear, authoritative instructions without offending them, is paramount.

4. Historical Knowledge.

We will give you everything you need to know about haunted Williamsburg. Learning these stores as a Colonial Ghosts Guide is something like learning the menu at a resturaunt. The information is all provided for you, but it is important you memorize it through and through, and “own” the knowledge as your own.

We have some great tools to help you to this end, so that you can improve the speed with which you learn the stories, and the accuracy of your recall.

5. Commence Presence.

Command presence is your ability to take charge. It comes from knowing that the group is yours. It will be reflected in everything from the quality of your voice, to your posture, to how much space you take up when you speak and move around.

This can be learned and taught, so you don’t have to be a natural born drill instructor. And it’s important because your group will be looking to you to lead them through an entirely knew, and sometimes, entirely scary experience. If you’re crossing a street, or visiting an old church, or telling a terrifying tale, they will be looking to you as their guide.

6. Organization and Time Management.

The success of our tours depends largely on the ability of our guides to make and keep a schedule. Your guests will be spending their hard earned money and their precious time with their families, friends and significant others with you - to learn about haunted Williamsburg, Virginia.

To make it worth their while, and continue the legacy of great reviews and guest satisfaction Colonial Ghosts is known for, we need you to be able to keep time. How long, in minutes and seconds, does it take you to tell the story of the Governor’s Palace? How many questions can you take before you’ve got to move on to the next location? As a Colonial Ghosts guide, you’ll need to have all this down to a science.

7. Responsibility.

This is the last, and most important criteria on our list. Are you the sort of person that seeks out responsibility and wants to take the blame for something going wrong on your tour, because you know it’s only by taking responsibility that you can fix it for next time? If so, we want to talk. But if you’re the sort that isn’t eager to pursue excellence, Colonial Ghosts is not the place for you.

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