We’re Adding Ghost Hunting Equipment!

Posted on August 15, 2017


Ghost Adventures

This will make us the only ghost tour in Williamsburg, Virginia to use ghost hunting equipment and offer them to ghost tour customers.

What does this mean for those going on a ghost tour? First, each group can look for ghosts using an EMF detector at one of the many locations in Colonial Williamsburg and the College of William and Mary. Second, each tour group may have the Spirit Box RT-EVP, as featured on the Travel Channel’s Ghost Adventures. When activated during a ghost tour, the RT-EVP will actively scan the area for possible paranormal entities that might be trying to communicate with us. We can ask questions and wait for responses.

It means we can record your entire ghost tour, scan it for ghosts that might be trying to communicate with us, and then make the recordings available for everyone to hear after the tour!

Spirit Box Ghost Hunting Tool

Electromagnetic Field Detector Ghost Hunting Tool

The Real-Time Electronic Voice Phenomenon Recorder (RT-EVP) 2nd model is the worlds first  EVP Interactive Digital Voice Recorder and costs several hundred dollars. It is used on the Travel Channel’s television show Ghost Adventures. It scans various frequencies for paranormal voices and then records and plays back what it picks up in real time! Recordings can then be downloaded and made available to you after your tour via Facebook.

The RT-EVP time Stamps the EVP Location on the recorded file, and can Separate a Class “A” EVP from other weaker responses.

For the first time, the unexplained phenomenon of a SPIRIT BOX, digital audio recording and live playback merge together to create the RT-EVP – the world’s first and only REAL TIME digital EVP recorder designed exclusively for paranormal research. The LCD user interface and operating features are designed for ease of use and simplicity, to address the individual needs of the amateur and professional paranormal investigator alike.

Researchers and investigators of the paranormal, will be able to Listen to EVP’s as they occur LIVE in Real Time, and then interact immediately based on intelligent data gathered during their investigations to encourage further itheral communication.

The RT-EVP runs parallel microprocessors to encode, decode and extract data from your SAVED audio file and then PLAY it back to you in a user defined, time selectable window from 1-60 seconds. One of the RT-EVP advanced features can Combine EVP’s together with Frequency Sweep Simultaneously to Create the First “Hybrid” all in one Investigative Tool.

For the first time, Paranormal Investigators can explore Audio down to 15Hz well beyond the normal Human hearing range of 20Hz-20KHz, for voice phenomenon in the hidden Infrasound range.

Spirit Box RT-EVP Ghost Hunting Tool

  • Automatic EVP Marking. This real time, viewable EVP Counter with locates and marks changes in audio to mark potential EVPs within the saved file to help you locate potential EVPs quickly and accurately without listening to hours and hours of audio.
  • Adjustable sensitivity allows the user to separate a Class “A” EVP from a Class “C” EVP. You can adjust to detect a whisper or a shout, or anywhere in between.
  • Allows the user to incorporate Number Interaction as part of their EVP session. Ask a question and watch for a response on a large numeric display.
  • Auto ON/OFF feature allows the user to pre-select a Start & Stop time for the RT. Simply place the device in a location and set it. It will turn ON and OFF at the time you selected. Plus… it will tell you if any EVP’s have been captured with the corresponding time and file location
  • Enhanced Audio Amplification
  • On-board MIC included with left and right channel separation capability. This allows the user to determine origin of EVP signal strength.

PLAYBACK FEATURES: Intuitive Design Optimized for Simultaneous RECORD / PLAYBACK

Users of the new RT-EVP will quickly appreciate and benefit from the simultaneous Record and Playback feature. During a standard EVP session, a user will typically ask a series of questions over a period of time unaware of any response that may be captured during the session. This data is then later reviewed hours or sometimes even days later, which is very inefficient and time consuming.

One of the key features of the RT-EVP allows the user to extract, play and hear the saved voice data file while it is still Recording Live. An adjustable 1-15 second Playback On Delay allows the user to ask questions and hear any response that follows within the 1-60 second user-selectable window.

Spirit Box RT-EVP Ghost Hunting Tool

A simple question typically takes about 3 seconds to ask. So, if you have the delay set for 5 seconds, you would hear your question repeated back to you in the 5 seconds followed by any ethereal response recorded. If you think you hear something but you are not sure during the Real Time operation, there is a quick review button that allows you to back up in 5 second increments each time it is pressed without disturbing or interrupting your session.

FREQUENCY SWEEP FEATURES: Additional Functions added for user Convenience

If the Simultaneous Record and Playback feature is not enough to catch your attention, perhaps the Frequency Sweep interface will. This fascinating technology is believed to permit real time

Communication using FM frequency sound bites coupled with white noise

The RT-EVP can scan the entire FM range of 88.0MHz to 108.0 MHz quickly in about 12 seconds, or 60msec/step. If you would like to fine tune the Sweep Rate to suit your own personal preference, you can adjust it in steps from 60msec, 65msec, 70msec, 75msec, 80msec, 85msec and 90msec. At 90msec, the device will take 18sec. to make a complete 88.0MHz to 108MHz Sweep. The device can RECORD while Sweeping the FM band, which eliminates the need for a separate recorder. In addition, the RT-EVP will capture all of your questions and any local EVP with its internal microphone.

The ability to Record Live and hear your voice or EVP superimposed over the FM audio at the same time, opens the door to new types of testing that have yet to be performed, with results yet to be discovered. This Sweep feature is further enhanced through the use of the quick review button. Again, this feature provides an invaluable purpose that allows any suspect historical data to be analyzed in real time without interrupting the recording session.


New Combined mode of operation allows the Frequency Sweep and Microphone EVP’s to be combined into one easy to analyze data file. This provides a new way for Spirit to utilize the technology to better communicate during a session.

FREQUENCY RANGE: Most young healthy adults can hear frequencies between 20Hz to 14KHz (14,000) Hz

The NEW RT-EVP has been designed to detect frequencies from 15Hz, which is considered to be in the Infra-sound range, up to 20KHz. The lower frequency range has yet to be explored by Paranormal enthusiasts due to the inherent limitations with standard digital recorders.

2) EMF Detector

One of the important tools for a ghost hunter is the EMF meter. When paranormal activity takes place, theories suggest that electromagnetic anomalies often take place in the environment. This meter allows you to detect these disturbances.

This EMF Meter is a highly sensitivity unit offering an easy to read analog gauge, unique built-in audio signal and auto shut-off make it simple to use and a great way to find magnetic fields. The audio tone changes to indicate the strength of the fields making it readily noticeable how the environment has changed.

In the ELF Model, Three LED lights signal field strength:
Green: 0 – 2.5 mG (“little or no activity”)
Yellow: 2.5 – 7 mG (“moderate activity”)
Red: 8 or more mG (“high activity”)