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Peyton Randolph House Haunting Pt 5: Interview Series

Videos of some of the haunted locations and captured hauntings on our tour!

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Chris continues his talk on the Peyton Randolph House in Williamsburg, VA. Read more at See more at! © Colonial Ghosts 2015


Part five of our video interview series on the hauntings of the Peyton Randolph House in Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia. House featured on our ghost tour.

Peyton Randolph House? The one thing that I really like about that place is that it is really creepy, like you know? When you go up to it, you feel something like it’s just got, it’s like no other place in Colonial Williamsburg.

When I went to the backyard one time, actually trespassing when I probably shouldn’t have been. I had my wife and my son with me and they were in the front kinda looking around and I was like this is really kinda cool. Why don’t we go to the back gate and check out everything and, you know, kinda look over there.

I got through the gate and I got close to the house and when I got close to the house I felt this feeling like I was being watched and I really shouldn’t be there. I was like man, this is kinda cool. I got closer to the house and I stopped because I heard like movement, like furniture moving or a table or something, like someone was picking up something and moving something. So I got closer and I heard it again. I got closer and it got louder and louder. I noticed that when I got up there I didn’t hear anybody talk or anything, and I was like, that’s weird. People are moving things but there’s no talking. When people move they conversate.

I got up there and I was like this is really creepy. My wife and son came around the back and I was like hey are they doing any tours? She said no, not that I know of. I was like just asking because I thought I heard furniture moving. I said maybe it’s maintenance in there? She said nope, nobody’s in there.

I actually went right back around and I noticed when they do tours they have the flags out and there’s a lady or guy, and they tell you when the next tour is. I was like wow, there’s no flag, there’s nobody in there. Wow, this is really kinda cool. My wife was like what happened and I was like I heard furniture moving in there. It was really creepy because as I got closer it got louder.

Like three weeks later I did the tour and there clearly, they don’t have carpet or anything else. They have wood floors. I didn’t notice where the floors had been scratched, which I thought was really weird because there was furniture moving. This was not the first time it’s happened because I’ve heard stories where other people have heard it. There’s no scratches on the floor so I thought that was really weird.

The cool part was where I heard it, it’s marked off like you can’t get in there unless you have a key to open the little gate that they have in there. I was like wow, that’s kinda creepy. I really did hear a ghost.

Talking to Charles about it like months and months later I was like I wonder if I could peaked through the blinds if I would have actually caught them eating dinner. I’m kinda happy I didn’t because if I would have that probably would have just changed the experience completely because you know how many people want to see, you know, dead people eating. At a large quantity, people could have ate at that table set I think six. That was really weird.

The other thing that I’ve had happen was when I went up to it at night, I’ve walked up to it and I would ask, you know, Mr. Randolph, hey show me something. This is night time; you know, I have my friends with me. It’s already eerie because it’s where it’s built and how the moon hits it. I want you to show me something.

I never got anything and I kept on asking and kept on being persistent. Then like nothing really happened, but like my hairs on my arms like stood up on ends like something was right there, right in front of me. I couldn’t see it but I could definitely feel it. I was like okay, it’s time to leave and go with the rest of the group. I did that and that’s pretty much my experience at the Peyton Randolph House.

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