The Thomas Moore House

Posted on August 15, 2017

Thomas Moore was not content with small-­town life. He had a passion for beautiful ladies that manifested itself in a “friendship” with a married woman named Constance Hall. Night after night, Constance would sneak away from her home and family to meet Thomas Moore at his little white house on Henry Street. The couple made no effort to conceal their meetings. It was only a matter of time before Constance’s husband would find out. One Sunday morning, Harvey Hall finally paid an unexpected visit to the Moore residence. Having heard the rumors that were spreading all over town, Hall was not surprised to find his wife with Thomas Moore.

A violent argument ensued and when the argument was over, Thomas was dead. Realizing that her husband had killed Moore and would probably be indicted for murder because of her misdeeds, Constance and her husband hid Moore’s body in the basement. Thomas’s body was discovered a week later, and Harvey Hall was imprisoned for life. Constance was not prosecuted, but she was shunned by her former friends and neighbors and fled Williamsburg. She was never heard from again. According to legend, Thomas still roams the darkened streets of Williamsburg in search of Constance. His figure has been seen in local shops where the Moore House used to stand.

One of Thomas’s appearances occurred in a bookstore. The store manager was working on the day’s receipts after all the other employees had gone home. She said, “I was in my office in the back, when I heard a noise coming from the front area. I was sure I was the only person left inside, because I checked the store thoroughly before I locked up. I peeked around the corner and saw a man standing by one of the registers. I had no idea how he could have gotten in. He was dressed in black from head to toe, and his skin was a pale shade of white.

“I ducked back into my office to call 911. When the police arrived, I told them all the doors were locked, so the intruder still had to be inside. They searched the store, but couldn’t find him.” An employee of a local jewelry store was also frightened by the spirit of the murdered man. “That evening, I stayed late to do inventory,” he said. “I was sitting in the middle of the floor counting stock, when I heard a light tapping sound. As I stood up I saw a man with a dark mustache, peering in through the window. I noticed he was incredibly pale. He scanned the room as if he was looking for something in particular. As I watched him, he faded away before my eyes!” It would seem the misguided spirit of Thomas Moore frantically searches for the woman who once made him happy in the little white house on Henry Street.