Ghost Tour Rentals and Souvenirs

We have souvenirs for you to always remember your Williamsburg Ghost Tour! Colonial Ghosts Tours also offers items for rent to make your haunted tour in Williamsburg perfect for you.

  • EMF Detector


    You may rent an EMF Detector offered on the ghost tour Williamsburg VA.

    What is an EMF Detector? EMF stands for Electro-Magnetic Field Detector. When paranormal activity takes place, it is believed that electromagnetic anomalies often take place in the environment. This meter allows you to detect these disturbances. Other things may cause electro-magnetic fields, but the EMF is a good companion through the streets of Williamsburg during a ghost tour.

    Three LED lights, which are easy to see in the dark, indicate field strength:

    • Green: 0 – 2.5 mG (“little or no activity”) Safe
    • Yellow: 2.5 – 7 mG (“moderate activity”) Caution
    • Red: 8 or more mG (“high activity”) Danger

    We make NO guarantees when or where the EMF detector responds, nor if it dies during the tour. Sometimes they will light up for one person, but not for another. If there is a problem with yours, please let your tour guide know between stops. It is common for new batteries to go dead on the devices unexpectedly. This is because the spirits of those left behind are believed to drain the battery.

    EMF Detector
  • Plush Ghost


    One of two plush ghosts to remember your Colonial Williamsburg Ghost Tour!

    BOO! Plush
  • Postcard


    Colonial Ghosts postcards as a keepsake and to share your adventures with others.

    Colonial Ghost Post Card
  • Portable Chair


    This lightweight and portable chair offers the convenience of sitting down at each location along the tour.

    Colonial Ghost Tour Chair