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A Witch Bottle (not the one from Williamsburg)

The Civil War Witch Bottle

Things are not always what they seem. When archeologists discovered a blue glass bottle in the median of 1-64 in Virginia, they weren’t expecting to find it had nails inside. They also weren’t exp... Read More

The Wren Building

The Haunted History of The College of William & Mary

The Haunted History of The College of William & Mary   The College of William  & Mary is the second oldest higher education school in the country after Harvard University. The scho... Read More

A dig site at Jamestown

Cannibalism at Jamestown, VA

Cannibalism at Jamestown, VA   Jamestown was the first permanent English colony in North America, and it seemed to have been cursed. A few short years after settling up a Fort along the Jam... Read More