Steam Tunnel 2

Posted on September 5, 2017

Photo of Steam Tunnels

While leading a ghost tour in Williamsburg, something strange happened. To this day, I still have no explanation for it. I haven’t found anyone else with a scientific explanation for this either.

I’d taken my tour group to a place where horrible crimes once happened: the steam tunnels. I shined my flashlight through the tunnel’s grate, so my group could try to see down to the bottom of the tunnel. I told my group not to expect to see much because of the heavy rain. The downpour made it so we couldn’t see much of the cobblestone walkway at the bottom of the tunnel, but we all looked down, anyway.

Suddenly, through the rain, we all watched three footsteps appear, one after another. The footsteps seemed to be slowly walking through the water. There was nothing else moving in or on the water. There were no frogs, rats, or any other animal making those shapes. No one dropped anything through the grate to make the water move like that. The rain wasn’t making those footsteps. It couldn’t do that. There were no clear explanations for those footsteps in sight. My group froze. So did I. We were terrified.

My group looked at me with a mixture of fear and denial, as if what we’d just seen couldn’t possibly be real, like I had to have used some kind of special effects to fake it. But, no, I was as scared and surprised as they were, and from the terror on my face, we all realized that those footsteps had to be real. We all knew that what we’d witnessed was something paranormal. That sighting changed us, and we all bonded over sharing such an eerie experience. I can’t speak for my tour group, but I know I’ll never forget those footsteps.