Get your tickets to the Williamsburg ghost tour


Choose between the Colonial Ghosts Regular and Extended Ghost Tours at 8PM and 9PM,  or take the Ultimate Ghost Tour at 10PM through the deserted and darkened streets of Colonial Williamsburg.

  • To order an Extended Colonial Ghosts Tour: order a Colonial Ghost Tour and select the extended tour option at checkout.
  • You do NOT need to print out tickets. Just bring an ID and show up!
  • If you must purchase in cash or in person, you may buy physical tickets at Kilwins, located nearby at 421 Prince George Street. You can also try one of their delicious treats! Click here for a map. You must hand these tickets to your tour guide for admission. If you order online, you do not need tickets.


Williamsburg Ghost Tour

(60 min) & Extended Tour (90 min) at 8PM & 9PM

Time and Date: 8 PM and 9 PM nightly, please check booking calendar for availability
Duration & Distance:
Regular: 8 PM and 9 PM Ghost Tours: 60 minutes, 1 mile
Extended Tour: 90 to 120 minutes, 1.5 miles. Available on both 8PM and 9PM tours. The extended tour begins when the regular tour ends, and adds an exclusive ghost tour of William and Mary and an additional six locations
Regular: $13, $10 (child)
Extended:$18, $15 (child) Prices may vary by demand and season.

Meeting Location:  In front of the Kimball Theater in Colonial Williamsburg's Merchants Square, on Duke of Gloucester Street.

10PM Ultimate Ghost Tour

Time and Date: 10PM Tuesdays through Saturdays (may vary by day or season)
Duration: 90 minutes, 1 mile
Extended: 2hrs; 1.5 miles
Haunted Locations: 12 for Ultimate; 18 for Ultimate-Extended
Price: $21 (may vary by demand and season)

Meeting Location: In front of the Kimball Theater


Ghost Tour of Williamsburg on Mobile App

Want to take a ghost tour of Williamsburg from your phone, in an app that features one of 20 ghost tours in cities across the US? Don’t want to take a tour on someone else’s schedule? Download the interactive GPS guided ghost tour of Williamsburg exclusively on Experience 25 locations with 55 minutes of audio that takes you through the streets of Williamsburg. Click below to download for $7.99.

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